The importance of tennis betting strategies

Betting Parimatch on the handicap in tennis is one of the most popular varieties among bettors, right after tennis betting on a net win. Types of forwards in tennis

Before you start on tennis bets, we propose to understand what kinds of forfeits exist in tennis.

Plus handicap

An advantage handicap is a difference between the winner and the loser games, when the counting is made from the loser’s position. For example F2 (+4.5), the number 2 means that the bet shall be applied to the second sportsman. (+4.5) indicates with what difference in games is allowed to lose, which would be calculated bet on “winnings”.

Minus Handicap

A minus handicap works in the opposite direction from a plus handicap. It is the difference between the games of the winner and the loser, which provides the necessary margin. In this case, the counting is carried out from the leader’s position. The minus handicap is suitable if you consider the odds on a net victory of the player too low and not profitable.

Integer and fraction handicaps

The Parimatch bookmaker set handicaps in most matches in automatic mode. It is calculated based on the chances of teams or athletes to win. There are two varieties:

  • Integer. F(+1), F(+5), F(-2). Or, as they also say, a handicap with a safety net, in some cases can be calculated on a “return”. Let’s imagine that the match ended with a score of 7-5, 6-4, the bet is made F1(-4). The difference in games will be exactly as much as the handicap equals.
  • Fractional. F(-1.5), F(+2.5), F(+4.5). A more popular variant. Regardless of the outcome of the match, the bet will be calculated either to win or lose.

Example of handicaps in tennis

To understand the mechanism of calculating handicaps, let’s take the match Kuwata H. Kato M. as an example.

The match ended in favor of tennis player Kato M., but it does not play a significant role.

Let’s calculate the total number of games for the tennis player #1: Kuwata won 6 games in the first game, 3 in the second, 5 in the third. Total is 6+3+5=14.

On to the second tennis player: 1 game in the first set, 6 in the second set, 7 in the third set. Total: 1+6+7=14.

The result is the difference between the winner’s and loser’s games 0 games.

This is a special case, which indicates that in this match it was advisable to bet a plus handicap on any of the tennis players. The handicap “minus” will be considered a loser in any case, since the equality of games does not give an advantage to one of the athletes. Having mastered the algorithm of handicap calculation, it is time to move on to the analysis of the peculiarities of plus and minus handicaps.

Another example is the match from the WTA tournament between K.Bertens and I.Bonaventure. Bookmaker betting Parimatch believe that Kiki Bertens is much stronger than her opponent and give a small odds of 1.22 on her net win. To increase our winnings, we can take Bertens’ victory with a minus handicap Parimatch offers a bet F1 (-4.5) for 1.75.

Let’s assume that the duel will end in two sets with the victory of the first tennis player 6:4, 6:3. Then we need to add up the games: Bertens is 12 (6+6), Bonaventure has only 7 (4+3). Taking into account the -4.5 handicap for Bertens, her number of games becomes 7.5 (=12 4.5), but it is still more than Bonaventure’s (7.5 7). Thus, our bet would play out.

How to pick events for betting odds

Besides the obvious factors like the level of the tennis player, his place in the ATP or WTA rankings, it is advisable to pay attention to, for example, how good the alleged favorite is on the reception and the number of his possible breaks. For example, if the favorite takes one or two breaks per match (7-6, 6-4), it is better to take a positive handicap on the underdog. The data about the won games on your serve is also important.

Before making a direct bet, clarify the rules of the game: up to two or three winning games will last the match. This will strongly condition the value of the handicap.

It is interesting that for tennis betting on handicaps in games, in general, it does not matter which of the tennis players will win the match. Therefore, for the passage of this bet is enough to guess not the winner of the meeting, and the tennis player who will take more games, taking into account the proposed handicap.

Betting strategy on handicaps

It is not recommended to take large minus handicaps, for example -5.5 in a two-set match, because you will need to play just perfectly and blow your opponent at least 6:2, 6:4.

A strategy for a tennis player with a good serve who is more likely to win 2-0 in sets. For players like Ivo Karlovic, Milos Raonic, Sam Curry, Bernard Tomic, etc., we take a win with a -1.5 set handicap, because they much more often play less than three sets. Though mostly it is a score like 7:5, 7:6.

Popular tennis bets on the outsider for example, a handicap on sets (+1.5) or on games (+4.5). If the advantage of the favorite does not seem obvious to you, he is not motivated for the tournament, is in bad shape or has to play on an unfavorable surface, it may be worth looking at the underdog. This strategy advises avoiding matches against top-15 tennis players as a rule, these players dominate the entire match, and the dynamics of their play is different from regular tennis players.


Tennis is one of the most difficult sports to predict. However, betting on the tennis handicap is considered to be a good option to make a profit. To do this, you need to adhere to a few simple postulates, which we have described in the article. Also on the site are available tennis predictions for today.